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Looking for the best scenic and design services? Your search ends with ON Services. We partner with clients to create captivating live event environments with our impressive offering of video, lighting and interactive technology.

Our team of expert AV professionals is committed to providing every client with unmatched services from our large selection of rentals, retail products and services. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing your venue design is in the hands of the best team in the world. Want to find out more? Click the button below to get in touch.


ON Services Inspires Audiences

With our comprehensive offering of scenic design and fabrication services, ON Services will inspire and engage your audience with our state-of-the-art technology. From exhibit fabrication to stage design to event technology, we’re the most reputable team in the event industry.

Scenic and Design Services Process

Ready to take your event to 11? Your speakers, presenters and performers will be front and center - ready to inspire your audience - thanks to our innovative technology and creative design. Our team of experts help you craft the perfect stage setup for your event.

3D Rendering Fly through

With the design concepts that you have envisioned, and keeping in mind your timeline and budget, we draft 3D-rendered walkthroughs and physical mock-ups of your event space. We’ll determine visual clarity, functionality, safety and feasibility so you know exactly what you’re getting before any ticket-holder steps into the room.

With ON Services, we give you everything you need to host a world-class event.

3D rendering fly through demo

Set Design & Fabrication

From concept to fabrication

It’s one thing to sketch or render a beautiful stage and set design, it’s another to actually build it. Having the internal resources to fabricate custom scenic solutions is what makes ON Services different. Our scenic department is well-versed in fabrication: woodworking, metalworking, acrylics and materials. Whether you need a custom design or something from our existing catalog, we’ve got a scenic solution for you.

3D Renders & 3D Motion Walkthrough

We bring the imagined to life

Our designers are skilled at bringing unique concepts and ideas to life. We use your theme, brand, and input to transform those concepts into something tangible. With our 3D modeling technology and a 3D motion walkthrough, you can visit and experience the event from multiple angles before the first attendee ever enters the room.





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