What are LED walls?

LED walls are a stunning presentation technology.

LED walls are a combination of individual LED panels arranged together to display one seamless image. These panels can be custom arranged in virtually any size or style to fit your event needs. Whether you'd like to display large images, custom graphics, or video, LEDs help to command greater attention and improve retention. LEDs serve as stylish, customizable backdrops or digital displays for any occasion.

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How LED Walls Enhance Events

How LED Walls Can Enhance Your Events

LED walls and visual displays enhance your event by providing a strong visual statement through their high definition. These displays can be used in a variety of creative ways to present keynote presentations and educational material or to serve as a dynamic backdrop.

The Benefits of LED Walls and Displays

Before reviewing the full selection of LED walls offered in our product catalog, explore the benefits LED displays bring to your events.

Customizable Options

LED walls are easily customizable. Build your wall to fit the exact spatial parameters of the venue and design content to match your event objectives.

Vivid Color

Each LED display is capable of producing 200 trillion vivid colors to help you capture the attention of your audience.

Limited Spatial Requirements

Unlike other displays, LED walls are designed to be more space-efficient, making the most of the space available at the venue.

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Our Full-Service Offering


During our consultation, we’ll discuss your event requirements and how LED walls serve your marketing goals. We'll discuss the venue, its size, and any spatial considerations. Additionally, together we’ll consider the audience and how to best maximize the technology to surpass the audience expectations while staying on-message. Our team also considers the best approach to effectively manage budgets.

Load In

On event day, leave the details to us. Load-in and set-up is just a part of our exceptional service. We sweat the details, including conducting numerous tests before the doors open to ensure displays and pixels are operating at maximum capacity.

Full Event Production

We’ll manage all aspects of LED walls for you during the event, addressing technical questions and ensuring all elements move forward as planned with precision.

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Stand out from the crowd at every event.

LED walls can help make the difference and ensure you connect with your core audience. To discover more about the value our LED systems will bring to your brand, please call us today for your introductory consultation.


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