As a result of COVID-19 and the inability to meet in person for their largest annual conference in Las Vegas, World System Builder (WSB) partnered with ON Services, a GES company, to produce their first virtual conference, G20-Convention for a Cause. The event was produced with an accelerated six-week timeframe, international attendees and high-profile keynote speakers.

WSB is a community of financial professionals on a mission to revolutionize the financial service industry. Their objectives were to reach current and prospective team members in their community to continue working towards financial literacy, while benefiting charitable organizations for COVID-19 relief based on the conference registrations.


Personally and on behalf of the staff - I just wanted to thank you for the help putting on one of the greatest events we've ever had! In six short weeks, we pulled off a beyond amazing event. Thank you!

From the compressed inception to the challenges and hurdles we faced a week prior, to getting that plane off the ground... Dan bridged the gaps, Kirk laid down the foundation, Kevin facilitated the vision, and Brian piloted that beauty to a successful flight and landing.

We couldn't have pulled off such a successful event without you! Looking forward to 2021! Yes, bigger, bolder, and more time to plan!

– Justin Yee, Marketing Director, WSB

Digital Signage

Virtual Event Experience

WSB engaged their longstanding AV partner, ON Services, to create an entertaining and educational broadcast based on WSB’s vision and goals for the G20-Convention for a Cause.

The G20-Convention for a Cause virtual event was designed to keep the audience continuously engaged with a high production value and a wealth of financial literacy content throughout the event. Streamed live via studio from World System Builder’s headquarters in San Jose, California, it reached an audience of almost 180,000 attendees worldwide, introducing and interacting with online presenters from all over the U.S.

Every event comes with unique challenges to address as part of the design and production. The dedicated team from ON Services brought this project to life in only six weeks, from the initial conversations to planning and execution, not to mention COVID-19 restrictions and travel limitations, which made the event’s success even more rewarding.


World System Builder was thrilled with the end results and audience feedback received for their eight-hour broadcast event. Overall, the event garnered over 189,000 registrations, more than 130,000 unique viewers the day of the event, and ultimately generated over $800,000 in donations for COVID-19 relief.

Software Technology
WVC Keynote Speaker

ON Services Capabilities

G20-Convention for a Cause included 20+ high profile presenters from all over North America presenting remotely from their homes. Using conferencing software, ON Services seamlessly incorporated remote live presentations and real-time discussions with hosts in the studio. During the panel discussions, the presenters were able to communicate in the Brady Bunch style discussion room.

A conference room at the WSB headquarters was converted into a custom-built broadcast studio. The creative set design incorporated two different layouts with digital backdrops on theme with the overall event design. One side integrated three 82” thin bezeled portrait monitors creating a video wall for graphics and talent interaction. The other side consisted of a 60” monitor with a custom-designed fabrication for the talent to interact with remote presenters.

During the broadcast stream, ON Services incorporated: lower thirds, custom backgrounds, Picture in Picture with motion graphics and presentations, sponsor graphics and calls to action.


Over 189,000 Registrations

Over 130,000 Unique Viewers

Over $800,000 in Donations


Attendees had an incredible experience because ON Services provided a key level of knowledge and planning. We were able to keep the audience continuously engaged with our wealth of content. The attendees also remarked on the level of quality of show produced, and that's attributed to ON Services knowing the right level of equipment for high production value. Production value helps play a key role in content value, and ON Services delivered.


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